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Dragon Ball Super

Son Goku // Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Training Complete [BT7-050]

Son Goku // Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Training Complete [BT7-050]

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Set: Assault of the Saiyans
Era: Saiyan Saga
Rarity: Common
Game character: Son Goku
Color: Green
Card type: Leader
Power: 10000
[Auto] When this card attacks a Leader Card, draw 1 card.
[Awaken] When your life is at 4 or less : You may choose up to 1 of your energy, switch it to Active Mode, and flip this card over.

Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Training Complete
[Permanent] You can't send cards from Drop Areas to Warps.
[Auto] When this card attacks, draw 1 card.
[Auto] [Burst 7] (You must place the top 7 cards of your deck in your Drop Area to activate this skill.) When your opponent attacks with a card, negate that attack, then negate this skill for the duration of the turn.
[Activate:Main] [Once per turn] When your life is at 1 : Choose all of your opponent's Battle Cards with [Blocker] and KO them.
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