Son Goku, the Path to Godhood [BT8-068]

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Set: Malicious Machinations
Era: Battle of Gods Saga
Rarity: Uncommon
Game character: Son Goku
Color: Yellow
Energy color cost: 2(Y)
Card type: Battle
Power: 15000
Combo power: 5000
[Activate:Main] Place this card in its owner's Drop Area, then choose 1 "Son Gohan: Adolescence", "Son Goten", "Vegeta", "Trunks: Youth" and "Videl" card from your Drop Area and return them to your deck : Choose up to 1 Red/Yellow multicolor "Son Goku" card in your deck or hand with an energy cost of 3, play it, shuffle your deck, and the Battle Card you played gains Double Strike and Dual Attack for the duration of the turn.

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