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Sinoalice 01

Sinoalice 01

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With creative direction and world-building by the inimitable Yoko Taro, the mind behind the NieR and Drakengard universes, comes... SINoAlice, a gorgeous and gory mobile RPG that blurs the line between dreams and reality, fairy tales and fact! And now you can read the manga adaptation of the popular game!Everything about Alice her family, her friends, her life, even her crush is ordinary, no Wonderland to see here. But lately, her dreams have been anything but ordinary. While asleep, she finds herself interrogated by two creepy marionettes, their glass eyes peering into the darkest corners of her heart. What is it you desire? What is it you wish to visit upon the world? Try as she might to ignore the dreams, Alice is drawn into their violent, twisted universe. As greed and desire begin to warp the ordinary reality she knows, Alice is thrust into a dark game of slaughter made for fairy-tale heroines who ll stop at nothing to bring their creators back to life!
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