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Huge Miniatures

Huge Miniatures - 4 in 1 Scatter: Woodland

Huge Miniatures - 4 in 1 Scatter: Woodland

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Woodland scatter, lush and full of life

Our Woodland Scatter is an easy and affordable way to enhance your miniature bases without breaking the bank. Each 4oz container is a four-in-one mix of the materials below:

4-in-1 Woodland Scatter is a mixture of realistic static grass blends, loose foliage, and basing materials. This hand curated basing or terrain scatter makes for an easy and affordable instant landscape.

Simply apply over a layer of undiluted pva glue, then tap off excess. For a more natural looking result, apply sparingly over top a layer of texture paste.

4-in-1 Woodland Scatter compliments Dirt Texture Paste and Fertile Debris Tufts perfectly well.

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