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Magic The Gathering - Battle For Baldur’s Gate Commander Legends Deck

Magic The Gathering - Battle For Baldur’s Gate Commander Legends Deck

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Commander Decks

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate introduces four new Commander decks. Each Commander deck includes a legendary "face" Commander as well as an alternate legend, plus a Background to use as Commanders. In total, each deck contains ten new-to-Magic cards.

Each deck also contains a Collector Booster Sample Pack. Each Sample Pack contains two cards:

  • 1 Booster Fun rare or mythic rare (a traditional foil in 20% of Sample Packs)
  • 1 Traditional foil rulebook common or uncommon

The Collector Booster Sample Pack might contain a special version of one of the cards in your Commander deck or a card perfect to add to another Commander deck. Most Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate Commander decks contain a Collector Booster Sample Pack in the same language as the deck. However, if your Commander deck is in Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish, your Collector Booster Sample Pack will be in English.

There are two versions of packaging you can find for these decks: the full-color box and a minimal-packaging version found online. The minimal packaging has the same contents but uses less packaging. Both are recyclable and reduce plastic waste!

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