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Scale 75

Scale 75 - Dry Soil Acrylic Paste

Scale 75 - Dry Soil Acrylic Paste

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Scale75's Soilworks is a range of diorama texture paints that you can use to cover the bases of miniatures to recreate different terrain and seasons. Similar to Citadel Paint products like Agrellan Earth, Stirland Mud and Valhallan Snow, these products are amazing time savers when basing your miniatures or creating dioramas for scale models.

There's real value for money here as well! For 100ml of product, you're getting 4x as much texture paint compared to the Citadel line of paints.

Dry Soil is a buff/tan crackle paint. Good for representing dry, cracked ground, and some basic techniques are required to get the best effect. Follow these steps for the best effect:

1. First Layer: Paint the surface of the miniature base black. Let dry

2. Second Layer: Apply a thin layer of crackle medium, or thinned PVA glue. Let dry until it is almost dry (surface feels slightly sticky to the touch, but doesn't rub off onto your fingers)

3. Third Layer: Stir Dry Soil well, and apply thickly. Let dry naturally at room temperature for small crackles, or force dry with a hair dryer or under the sun for big cracks. 

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