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Winnie’s Picks Paint by Number - Cherry Lane

Winnie’s Picks Paint by Number - Cherry Lane

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Cherry Lane by Johnathan Harris is a landscape paint by numbers for adults that greatly captures the beauty of spring season, with the cherry trees blossoming all along the avenues. The beginning of spring really is special since it marks the end of winter. The plants, the flowers, and the trees will flourish again while the weather warms progressively t to introduce summer. This painting blows some fresh air after the quietness of winter. The colors are warm and vibrant while taking you on the Cherry Lane. While the style remains very realistic, the colors are accentuated and the details are a bit more abstract. 

Johnathan Harris is an American artist who grew up in Arkansas (US).  His work mainly represents the dry American Southwestern deserts or the various European landscapes. The colors and the techniques used in his paintings are magical, with very vivid colors and high contrast that really marks his style. It is a privilege for Winnie's Picks to offer his work to his admirers or to make you discover his bright and energic art through paint by numbers. 

Johnathan Harris' style is very unique and recognizable in his vibrant touch. After visiting the South West of America, Harris was very captivated by the beauty of that desertic landscape. From a very young age, he turned into art and knew what he wanted. Soon, all the places he had visited became the main subjects of his work. 

This paint by numbers on canvas with acrylic is a sort of meditation and really relaxes you taking your mind off your everyday life. This is a high-quality canvas with personalized paint made for this very unique painting that will make sure to take you to a beautiful place.

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